2019 OYC & PHRF Lakewide Sailing Events Schedule

* - Denotes a Lakewide event, meaning it is only open to members of OYC, PYC, & LNYC

+ - Denoted an Open event, meaning it is open to all sailors

Other events are exclusive to Outrigger Yacht Club members

Brown = OYC Social event

Date Day of Week Event Host Club NOR / SI / Info / Registration Results
Jan 1 Tuesday Ice Bucket RegattaLNYC  
Jan 12 Saturday Icicle Series Races 1 and 2*LNKC/PYChttp://www.regattanetwork.com/event/17906
Jan 15 Tuesday Rating Appeal Forms Due by Jan. 15th, 2019LNKC  
Jan 19 Saturday Icicle Series Races 3 and 4*LNKC/PYC  
Jan 26 Saturday OYC Chili Cook OffOYC  
Feb 9 Saturday Icicle Series Races 5 and 6*LNKC/PYC  
Feb 16 Saturday Icicle Series* - Makeup date if neededLNKC/PYC  
Feb 21 Thursday Icicle Series Awards CeremonyLNKC/PYC6:00 PM at PYC with a cash bar 
Mar 2 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 1LNSC  
Mar 9 - Mar 10Saturday - SundayKeelboat Midwinter Regatta - TentativeLNCK  
Mar 16 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 2LNSC  
Mar 23 Saturday 150 Bridge Race*OYChttp://www.regattanetwork.com/event/18333
Mar 30 Saturday 150 Bridge Makeup dateOYC  
Mar 30 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 3LNSC  
Apr 7 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Apr 9 Tuesday OYC Board MeetingOYC  
Apr 13 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 4LNSC  
Apr 15 Monday Rating Appeal Forms Due by April 15th, 2019LNKC  
Apr 17 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #1*OYChttp://www.outriggeryachtclub.org/WNS.php
Apr 24 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #2*OYC 2019-WNS-Race02.pdf
Apr 27 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 5LNSC  
Apr 27 - Apr 28Saturday - SundayHospice RegattaLNYC  
Apr 28 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
May 1 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #3*OYC 2019-WNS-Race03.pdf
May 4 Saturday OYC Pursuit to I77OYChttp://www.regattanetwork.com/event/18748#_home
May 5 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
May 8 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #4*OYC 2019-WNS-Race04.pdf
May 11 Saturday LNSC Spring Race 6LNSC  
May 15 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #5*OYC 2019-WNS-Race05.pdf
May 19 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
May 22 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #6*OYC 2019-WNS-Race06.pdf
May 29 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #7*OYC 2019-WNS-Race07.pdf
Jun 5 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #8*OYC 2019-WNS-Race08.pdf
Jun 10 Monday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Jun 12 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #9*OYC 2019-WNS-Race09.pdf
Jun 19 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #10*OYC 2019-WNS-Race10.pdf
Jun 26 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #11*OYC 2019-WNS-Race11.pdf
Jun 29 - Jun 30Saturday - SundayIndependence Day Regatta+LNYC  
Jul 3 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #12*OYC 2019-WNS-Race12.pdf
Jul 10 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #13*OYC 2019-WNS-Race13.pdf
Jul 15 Monday Rating Appeal Forms Due by July 15th, 2019LNKC  
Jul 17 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #14*OYC 2019-WNS-Race14.pdf
Jul 24 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #15*OYC 2019-WNS-Race15.pdf
Jul 31 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #16*OYC 2019-WNS-Race16.pdf
Aug 7 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #17*OYC 2019-WNS-Race17.pdf
Aug 14 Wednesday Wed Night Series Race #18*OYC 2019-WNS-Race18.pdf
Aug 18 Sunday Wed Night Series AwardsOYC  
Aug 31 - Sep 1Saturday - SundayLabor Day Regatta*LNYC  
Sep 7 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 1LNSC  
Sep 8 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Sep 20 - Sep 22Friday - SundayPeninsula Cup Regatta +PYC  
Sep 21 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 2LNSC  
Oct 5 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 3LNSC  
Oct 6 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Oct 12 Saturday Leukemia Cup Regatta + - TentativePYC  
Oct 15 Tuesday Rating Appeal Forms Due by October 15th, 2019LNKC  
Oct 19 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 4LNSC  
Oct 20 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Oct 26 Saturday Commodore's CupOYC  
Oct 26 Saturday Oyster RoastOYC  
Nov 2 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 5LNSC  
Nov 3 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC  
Nov 9 - Nov 10Saturday - SundayCarolina Keel Boat One Design*LNYC  
Nov 16 Saturday LNSC Fall Race 6LNSC  
Nov 17 Sunday PYC Fellowship SeriesPYC